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What to Expect

Immediately following the graduation ceremony:


  1. Take photos with family & friends. However, it often works best to do most of them before the ceremony.

  2. Give cap/gown/diploma to your family

  3. Change clothes, drink water, go to restroom, and get everything you need for the Grad Night Party. Note: no food or beverages are allowed on the bus

  4. Register/check-in for the event before boarding the bus

    1. Follow signs down the hallway to the registration tables in front of door “H”

    2. You will receive a ‘Grad Night’ passport, which you will be REQUIRED to wear at ALL TIMES

    3. Bags/purses will be searched prior to loading the bus

    4. Immediately exit our door H to the first bus lined up outside and load the bus

    5. Registration tables will be set up alphabetically by last name; sign in

  5. Board one of the buses, which will take you to the party location

At the event location:


  1. You enter in near the STORAGE BAG area, located on the right when entering the River City Extreme event space

  2. Check-in all bags/purses/items in this area

  3. Each student will receive a bag (used to store prizes from the event), which is assigned to match your individual passport number. This is where you will DROP OFF any prizes won throughout the event. The area is secured through out the entire event (until you check-out)

  4. You may carry around your phone or a camera (has to be in a camera case/bag). River City Extreme and the Elk River Senior Graduation Party Committee are NOT liable for lost/stolen/damaged phones/cameras


The event schedule:


  • Food

    • Dinner buffet is served from 9:30pm ~ 11:30pm

    • Snack buffet is served from 12:00am ~ 3:00am

    • Breakfast buffet is served from 3:00am ~ 4:30am

  • Activities and games occur throughout the event


When it's time to leave:


  1. After the entertainment show, all remaining prizes will be awarded

  2. Everyone is dismissed to line up through the alley and retrieve their storage bag
  3. The buses will return you to Elk River Senior High School Parking Lot at approximately 5:30am ~6:00am.  Everyone is expected to stay throughout the entire event.

    1. If you need to leave early, you MUST have a pre-signed parent release form (form will be linked once registration opens). This is required BEFORE accepting your lanyard at the registration table on the night of the event. A parent can submit the form online through our website, drop off in ERHS office, mail it to: ER Grad Night, PO BOX 363, Elk River, MN 55330, or drop off at the registration table the night of the event. Parents MUST enter River City Extreme through the Event Center Entrance to sign out their student at the SECURITY table. You may not leave without being signed out.

All school sanctions and rules apply at Elk River Senior Grad Night Party held at River City Extreme.

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