Volunteer Information

The success of the party relies on all of us to help!

In any capacity, party planning can use the help of adults associated with graduating seniors. This is also a great opportunity for adults associated with future graduates who would like to prepare for their class year graduating party.

How to help right now:

  1. Attend a planning meeting. The meeting information is shared on this site and shared in the Facebook group called "ERHS 2021 Senior Parents". The link will be posted in the private Facebook group. If you don't use Facebook, please email us to obtain the meeting link. It's shared in the private group not to be a barrier, but to maintain security of the meeting.

  2. Email Angie Maass at admaass@charter.net so we can connect you with an area of need. The most pressing area at this time is donations and fundraising. We rely heavily on donations to provide prizes for the kids at the party and to reduce the overall registration cost of the event. There are several creative ways to obtain donations and the more people involved will generate more donations.

  3. Recruit a friend to help. Often volunteering is more fun when you're doing it with a friend. We're all a bit socially isolated with COVID-19 and this can be a nice option to match social distancing with some social interaction, doing something that benefits our kids.


All planning meetings for the 2021 class year will be held virtually, with an in-person meeting option as possible. For planning purposes, many volunteers for in-person support of the grad party activities will be needed and planned, although we understand these plans may need to shift closer to the party.

The next party planning meeting is:

Tuesday February 16th at 6:30pm

Zoom link available in ERHS 2021 Senior Parents Facebook group or email us directly for link. No in-person option offered.